Butterfly Hair Cut

Butterfly Saç Kesim Modeli (Butterfly Haircut)

Butterfly haircut is a hair cutting trend that has gained popularity and attention in recent years. This cut is characterized by slightly shortening the top of the hair while leaving the bottom parts longer, creating soft and gentle waves reminiscent of butterfly wings.

The butterfly haircut boasts a highly flexible style that can adapt to various hair types and lengths. One of its most prominent features is the soft waves that add volume and dimension to the hair. Therefore, excellent results can be achieved on different hair textures, ranging from fine to thick.

One of the most appealing aspects of this haircut is its ability to easily adapt to various styles and looks. Whether you’re aiming for a casual everyday appearance or a chic and sophisticated style for a special occasion, the butterfly haircut offers a wide range of options. By styling your hair straight or with waves, you can achieve an eye-catching and elegant look in any setting.

Moreover, the butterfly haircut is known for its low maintenance. Leaving the bottom layers of the hair longer creates a look that doesn’t require frequent trimming. Its versatility, elegance, and ease of maintenance make it stand out as a hair style. Suitable for all age groups and lifestyles, this cut adds movement and vitality to your hair while providing a modern and sophisticated look.

What face shapes does the Butterfly haircut suit?

This haircut is generally more flattering for individuals with round face shapes, as it can make the face appear longer and slimmer by balancing the round features. However, it’s important to note that the suitability of the butterfly cut may vary depending on individual hair type and personal style. Consultation with your stylist at Emre Ayaksız Hair Salons for personalized details is recommended.

Which celebrities use the butterfly cut hairstyle?

Farrah Fawcett, whose light bounces reminiscent of the butterfly haircut were very popular in the 70s, creating a nostalgic, carefree look.

Beyoncé: The famous singer and actress Beyoncé frequently chooses the this haircut for various events and concerts. She often styles her hair with waves, achieving a natural look with this cut.

Jennifer Lopez: Jennifer Lopez has been one of the celebrities embracing the butterfly haircut for many years. She wears this cut both on red carpets and in her daily life, styling her hair with light waves to achieve a sophisticated and chic appearance.

Zendaya: The young actress and singer Zendaya also frequently sports the butterfly haircut. She showcases this cut at various events and on the red carpet, often styling her hair with natural and soft waves for a modern and elegant look.

Dua Lipa: British singer Dua Lipa is one of the celebrities boldly embracing the butterfly haircut. Lipa often styles her hair with this cut, typically parting her hair in the middle and leaving it slightly wavy for a modern and cool look.

Rihanna: Rihanna is known for her bold and innovative approach to hairstyling. The butterfly haircut is no exception for her. Rihanna experiments with this cut in different ways, creating unique and attention-grabbing looks with both short and long hair.

These celebrities showcase the butterfly haircut in various styles, reflecting their own personal styles and contributing to its popularity.

What are the differences between butterfly haircut and bangs?

Cut Style:

The butterfly haircut typically involves slightly shortening the top of the hair while leaving the bottom longer, resulting in soft waves that add volume and dimension.

Bangs, on the other hand, are usually created by cutting the hair strands at the front to fall forward, often used to soften or highlight facial features.


The butterfly haircut is chosen to add volume and dimension to the hair, achieving a natural and soft look with waves.

Bangs are typically used to balance facial features, cover the forehead, or frame the face.

Style and Appearance:

The butterfly haircut generally applies to the entire hair, creating a lively and natural appearance.

Bangs typically focus on the hair strands in the forehead area, creating a more pronounced style.


The butterfly haircut is highly flexible and can adapt to various hair types and lengths.

Bangs may not be suitable for every face shape and may accentuate certain facial features more than others.

Overall, the butterfly haircut offers a more general style with a lively appearance, while bangs create a more defined and focused look. Both are chosen for different purposes and based on individual hair type, face shape, and preferences.