Butterfly Hair Cut

Butterfly Saç Kesim Modeli (Butterfly Haircut)

Butterfly haircut is a hair cutting trend that has gained popularity and attention in recent years. This cut is characterized by slightly shortening the top of the hair while leaving the bottom parts longer, creating soft and gentle waves reminiscent of butterfly wings. The butterfly haircut boasts a highly flexible style that can adapt to various hair types and…

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Bangs Haircut Style

The bangs haircut style refers to short or long strands of hair that fall onto the forehead, framing the facial features. Bangs, often also known as “fringe,” add visual interest to the hairstyle while helping to balance facial symmetry. They come in different lengths and styles, accommodating various face shapes and hair textures. Among the 2024 hair cutting trends,…

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How should hairstyles be according to face shape?

Before moving on to hairstyles according to face shape, let’s examine why this is important: Why is it important to get a haircut according to face shape? Haircutting, when done according to face shape, can balance a person’s appearance, soften facial features, and enhance overall look. Let’s first explore why getting a haircut according to face shape is important:…

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