Emre Ayaksız Klass Magazine Interview 2


Will lol and bob style models be preferred this season?

Both haircuts are models that have been popular for years and never go out of fashion. These models will continue to appear in the coming periods. The important thing when cutting is to choose a model suitable for the face type and style of the person and cut it. At this point, my colleagues play an important role.

What will be the coloring trends of the new season?

This year, we will see colorful tones created by warm and cold colors with Rose. We will experience a year in which softer colorings are popular for the more assertive customers and for the more “comfortable” ones.

You shared your own unique techniques with your foreign colleagues at the international event held by Schwarzkopf Professional Belgium and you were the most striking name of the night. Other famous names performing on the night were Guy De Wean and Arjan Bevers. Can you tell us a little about that night?

It was a show watched by more than 1000 attendees. I shared their designs with my foreign colleagues with the theme of Balyaj. I presented my personalized balayage techniques with 6 stunning looks I prepared on stage. I shared the techniques with the participants on the stage, which stand out for the very assertive customers and softer colorings for the more “comfortable” ones. These designs, which we have seen and will continue to see in both catwalk and street fashion, attracted attention as unique models that appeal to everyone. Inspired by the podium, the collection, which includes looks that can be made in the halls, was highly appreciated.