How to care for hair damaged by sea and sun?

How to care for hair damaged by sea and sun?

After a nice and enjoyable summer holiday, is your hair a little damaged due to the effects of the sea and the sun? Are you looking for ways to restore your hair to its former health? We asked our hair care experts at Emre Ayaksiz Hair Palace for suggestions that will help your hair regain its former health.

Here are some suggestions to help you revitalize your hair:

Hair cut:
As a first step, trimming damaged ends makes hair look healthier and more vibrant. This encourages hair regrowth.

Sensitive Shampoo Usage:
It is important to choose a gentle shampoo that is suitable for damaged hair. Shampoos that do not contain sulfates and contain natural ingredients should be preferred. We recommend you our product, Emre Ayaksiz Keratin Shampoo, which does not contain sulfate, paraben and SLS. You can review and order from our online store.

Weekly Deep Care:
Care for your hair deeply by using hair masks or intensive care products once a week or as needed. Products containing argan oil, coconut oil or shea butter nourish the hair. You can give your hair a weekly deep care with Emre Ayaksiz Keratin Mask.

Using Warm Water:
Avoid using very hot water when washing hair, as hot water can dry out the hair strands. Warm water preserves the hair’s natural oils.

Sun Protection:
You can use a hat or scarf to protect your hair while going out in the sun. You can also use sun protection sprays or creams that protect the hair strands against UV rays.

Browsing Habit:
Gently combing your hair helps protect it from breakage and pullage. We recommend using a wide-tooth comb or a natural bristle brush for this. For daily care, you can use Emre Ayaksiz Hair Oil, our product that combines 6 magnificent oils, on your hair ends.

Balanced and Healthy Nutrition:
It is important to adopt a balanced nutrition plan to regain your hair health. A diet rich in protein, B vitamins, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids helps your hair heal faster and grow healthier.

Sufficient Water Consumption:
We know that water is very important in cell renewal. By consuming sufficient amount of water, the hair is moisturized, its structure is strengthened, it grows healthy, dandruff formation is prevented, it is easy to comb, and hair breakage is repaired.

Avoiding Stress:
Stress can negatively affect hair health, so methods to reduce stress can help make your hair healthier. Relaxing activities and stress management techniques can positively affect hair health.

Not Washing Hair Frequently:
Avoid washing the hair more than necessary as this can cause the hair to dry out. Washing two or three times a week is sufficient.

Professional Care:
Consult a hairdresser or dermatologist to address your hair issues and get expert advice. Emre Ayaksiz Hair Palace’s professional hair care team will support your questions and problems.