Perfect Change in Your Hair

Perfect Change in Your Hair: A New You with Emre Ayaksız Hair Palace

It is the dream of every woman to have healthy, well-groomed and glamorous hair. As Emre Ayaksız Hair Palace, we are here to make this dream come true. We give your hair the care it deserves with the professional services we offer using modern techniques such as balayage, shine and micro extensions that will reveal the natural beauty of your hair. Let’s discover together the perfect change in your hair before and after the procedure:

Step 1: First Interview and Consultation

Before any procedure to be done on your hair, we have a detailed meeting with our expert team. In this meeting, we talk about your hair type, wishes and expectations, and determine the most suitable technique and color options for you.

Interview Stages:
– Hair analysis and examination of its structure
– Color suggestions suitable for your facial features and skin tone
– Personalized transaction planning in line with your wishes

Step 2: Pre-Procedure Preparation

Protecting the health of your hair before every procedure is a priority for us. Therefore, we carefully care for your hair before the procedure. When necessary, we apply moisture and protein care to your hair and optimize it for the process.

Step 3: Process Application

Balayage and Shimmer:
For natural-looking and vibrantly colored hair, balayage and shine applications add depth to your hair and highlight your facial features. Our expert colorists add a natural shine to your hair by choosing the most suitable shades for you.

Micro Source:
If you want to have fuller and longer hair, micro extensions are for you. With this process, we give your hair a natural look and reach the length and volume you want. The micro extension method is applied without damaging your hair and in harmony with your natural hair.

Step 4: Post-Procedure Care

Proper care is important after each procedure to keep your hair healthy and beautiful for a long time. Our experts give detailed information about post-procedure hair care and give you special care recommendations. Thus, the shine and vitality of your hair is preserved for a long time.

Results: Perfect Change

As Emre Ayaksız Hair Palace, it is our greatest happiness to see the perfect change we create in each of our customers when we touch their hair. Photos taken before and after the procedure and our customers’ comments reveal the quality of the service we offer and the difference we make in your hair.

Are You Ready for Change Too?

Come to Emre Ayaksız Hair Palace to see what a wonderful change your hair can experience before and after the procedure. Meet our professional team, let us give your hair the care and attention it deserves.