Hair Dyeing Techniques

Ombre, balayage, blonde, highlight or babylight, facelight or brushlight or color changing.

Color changing, complete paint, varnish, opening-dyeing. At Emre Ayaksız Hair Palace, together with our expert team, we work for the happiness of our valued guests after hair dyeing by providing extremely meticulous and clean service in our work.

What are Hair Coloring Procedures?


Ombre, which does not lose its time in hair trends, is a service where you can add innovation to your style without radical changes in your hair color. You can experience the Ombre method to have natural and distinctive hair. Our ombre works have become a technique that can be easily applied to every hair color and can adapt to every face shape, with the difference created by Emre Ayaksız Hair Palace.


Balayage, which gives a bright effect to your hair, is more preferred because it looks more natural than classical shades and, unlike other dyeing processes, does not require continuous processing. With the balayage process to be performed by Emre Ayaksız Hair Palace, you can give your hair a brighter look and feel better.


Add air to your hair by catching the most suitable yellow color for your skin tone. When choosing blonde hairstyles, it is aimed to make a difference in your hair by making a study according to the harmony of your skin color. We claim that it will be very difficult to separate you from this hairstyle after finding the blonde hair color that suits your skin tone, and we are waiting for you at Emre Ayaksız Hair Palace.


Highlights that are more obscure than ombre and more natural than balayage can be a great choice to refresh your look in winter. Right between hair contouring and ombre. If you’re looking for a look just like you’ve just returned from summer vacation, you’re in the right place! How would you like to warm up the winter days with the difference of Emre Ayaksız Hair Palace?


Facelight is a hair coloring trend that makes the face appear brighter. In the facelight technique, the tufts in front of the hair are lighter than the rest of their hair. If you want your hair to have a different look and prefer blonde and its shades in the front strands, leave yourself to the magic fingers of Emre Ayaksız Hair Palace team.


If you are looking for naturalness in your hair color, if you want natural shine in your hair and your appearance to be brighter, you should definitely try the brushlight technique with the difference of Emre Ayaksız Hair Palace. In this coloring technique, foil is not used as in highlighting, balayage and ombre processes. A wide hair brush is applied to the bleach, then it is applied directly to the hair by combing it with the help of a brush. As a result of the process, the hair has a natural shine.

Color Changing

Do you want to change your hair color but are not sure what you decide to do? With the experience of Emre Ayaksız Hair Palace’s expert team, you can guide your hair in the right way, and you can safely perform your color change operations in our salon.

If you want to bring your hair together with a completely different experience, get an appointment or information right away.