Butterfly Hair Cut

Butterfly Saç Kesim Modeli (Butterfly Haircut)

Butterfly haircut is a hair cutting trend that has gained popularity and attention in recent years. This cut is characterized by slightly shortening the top of the hair while leaving the bottom parts longer, creating soft and gentle waves reminiscent of butterfly wings. The butterfly haircut boasts a highly flexible style that can adapt to various hair types and…

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Emre Ayaksız Klass Magazine Interview 2

“LOB AND BOB STYLE MODELS WILL CONTINUE TO APPEAR IN THE FUTURE PERIODS” You shared your own unique techniques with your foreign colleagues at the international event held by Schwarzkopf Professional Belgium and you were the most striking name of the night. Other famous names performing on the night were Guy De Wean and Arjan Bevers. Can you tell…

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Emre Ayaksız Klass Magazine Interview 1

EMRE EMRE AYAKSIZ HAIR PALACE FOUNDER EMRE AYAKSIZ TELLED THE NEW YEAR’S HAIR TRENDS TO KLASS: “80’S STYLE IS BACK;WE WILL SEE COLORFUL TONES” Emre Ayaksız, who started his career in 2001 and gained great experience and mastery by working at MOS Coiffeur for 13 years during his professionalization, at the end of 2018 Emre Ayaksız Hair Palace with…

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