Eyebrow And Eyelash Care

What Are the Procedures Performed in Eyebrow and Eyelash Care?


It is a permanent make-up method that provides natural eyebrows with ideal volume, thickness and length for eyebrows that have lost their form over time. The aim in microblading is to make the most suitable eyebrow for the person’s face in the most natural way. For this reason, the so-called bristle technique is made in the form of scratches that look like individual eyebrow hair. The pigment that settles in every scratch on the skin during the process almost completely has the appearance of a hair. The permanence of the microblading eyebrow process takes an average of 1-2 years. This period also varies according to the skin type and color of the person.

Dipliner / Eyeliner

Drawing a perfect eyeliner line is not a process that everyone can achieve. It is a stylish move that changes the face as much as it is difficult. If not done carefully, it is effective enough to make the whole makeup look bad. It may not be possible to refresh eyeliner or apply it symmetrically every day. Complete all your procedures with an experienced and expert team at Emre Ayaksız Hair Palace, the ideal address for those who do not want to achieve the perfect appearance and do not work hard for it.
Unlike the eyeliner technique, dipliner is applied where the eyelid ends and the eyelashes begin. Permanent dipliner, which is a permanent eye make-up technique applied to the lash line, provides a more natural permanent make-up look while adding depth to the eyes.

Silk Eyelashes

Silk eyelash applied on real eyelashes is a thickening and strengthening process. Eyelashes obtained from pure silk are glued one by one in accordance with the structure of the eyes. Eyelashes, which are prepared according to the needs and expectations of the person, prevent short or sparse appearance. Although the result varies according to the current eyelash density of the person, different shapes and sizes of silk eyelashes can be used to achieve the desired volume.

Lash Lifting

The process of making sparse and unvoluminous lashes fuller and curled is called lash lifting. This process applied to natural eyelashes is also known as a keratin mask. In addition to keratin, vitamins and eyelash dye are used to care for the eyelashes. All of the products we use during the process are natural and do not contain any chemicals.

Eyebrow Lamination

Eyebrow lamination, also known as eyebrow lifting, is a natural shaping process preferred by people who have bushy eyebrows, but whose eyebrow hairs are curled inwards, low, not rising eyebrows to add volume to their eyebrows and bring them to the right form. During the application, proteins, vitamins and creams are used to ensure that the hairs regain their former vitality. At the end of lifting, which is a painless procedure, daily life can be continued. All the products we use in the eyebrow lifting process are natural and harmless.

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