How should hairstyles be according to face shape?

Before moving on to hairstyles according to face shape, let’s examine why this is important:

Why is it important to get a haircut according to face shape?

Haircutting, when done according to face shape, can balance a person’s appearance, soften facial features, and enhance overall look. Let’s first explore why getting a haircut according to face shape is important:

Balancing Facial Features: Ideal haircut varies for people with different face shapes. For instance, someone with a round face shape may opt for longer and layered cuts to elongate their face. On the other hand, someone with a square or rectangular face shape can soften their features with soft, curly hair styles.

Accentuating Facial Features: The right haircut can accentuate a person’s best facial features. For example, side-swept haircuts can highlight high cheekbones.

Reflecting Personal Style: Everyone has a different style, and a haircut is a powerful tool to reflect that style. Haircuts tailored to face shape can help express one’s style better and make them feel more confident.

Balancing Appearance: A wrong haircut can imbalance the face shape and make undesirable features more prominent. However, a proper cut can make the overall appearance more balanced and aesthetic.

Boosting Confidence: A haircut that suits the face shape can make a person feel better about themselves, thereby boosting confidence. Feeling good can help a person be more comfortable and confident in social interactions.

In conclusion, hair cutting according to face shape is important because it helps balance a person’s appearance, emphasize facial features, reflect their style, achieve overall balance, and boost self-confidence. A professional hairdresser or stylist can assist in determining the most suitable haircut for an individual’s face shape.

How should hair models be according to face shape?

Hair model recommendations for round faces:

Asymmetrical cuts: Asymmetrical cuts that slightly cover the cheeks and elongate the face can be preferred.
High buns: Voluminous top parts with sleek sides and a tight bun can balance round faces.

Hair model recommendations for square faces:

A square-shaped face has a broad forehead, wide cheekbones, and a strong jawline. Therefore, if you have a square face, choosing a cut that softens these features is essential for a more pleasant appearance. For a look that complements your bone structure, you can opt for a side-parted style to balance the squareness.
Soft wavy hair: Gentle waves can soften facial features.
Long, layered cuts: Layered cuts longer than chin length can balance square face shapes.

Hair model recommendations for heart-shaped faces:

A heart-shaped face is closest to an oval face shape. Bangs starting from the top can soften cheekbones and pointed chins.
Side-swept bangs: Bangs that sweep to the sides can balance heart-shaped faces and make them appear more symmetrical.
Medium-length layered cuts: Shoulder-length or slightly longer, layered cuts can soften heart-shaped faces.

Hair model recommendations for oval faces:

Almost any style: Oval faces generally accommodate any hair style. You can balance any style you want.

Hair model recommendations for long faces:

Long faces typically have a wider forehead. Therefore, slight bangs and layered cuts can help to shorten the length. The right style can be achieved with wavy shaping.
Side-swept bangs: Side-swept bangs can shorten and balance the face.
Layered cuts: Short layers can cut the length of the face, making it appear shorter.

Hair model recommendations for triangular faces:

In triangular faces, the chin is narrow, and waves starting from the temples can reduce the appearance of a narrow chin and add fullness to the face.

Hair model recommendations for rectangular faces:

Rectangular faces are both long and angular. Finding the right hairstyle can be a bit challenging. People with this face shape can prefer bangs that do not pass the jawbone.

Hair model recommendations for diamond-shaped faces:

The diamond face shape is a variation of the square face and is usually angular. Bob cuts can be preferred for diamond face shapes.

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