How to care for hair after ombre and balayage?

How to care for hair after ombre and balayage?
Ombre and Balayage hair may require special care as it usually goes through chemical processes. We received suggestions from our Emre Ayaksız Hair Palace care experts to protect the color transitions in your hair and improve your hair health:

How do you preserve hair color for a long time after ombre and balayage?

Using Color Protection Shampoo and Conditioner: When washing your hair, choose color protection shampoo and conditioners specially formulated for ombre hair. These products prevent your hair color from fading and ensure that the color transitions in your hair remain vibrant for longer.

Moisturize Regularly: Ombre and balayage processes can dry out your hair, so we recommend using moisturizing masks or hair oils regularly. These processes maintain the moisture balance of your hair. We recommend you to use our Keratin Mask and Hair Care Oil products, the formula of which we have specially prepared in line with the demand from our customers.

Temperature Protection: Processes exposed to heat (such as hair dryer, straightener, curling iron) can further damage the hair. Ombre and balayage hair is more sensitive to heat. You can protect your hair against these effects by using heat protective sprays or creams. We recommend our Keratin Milk product, which has protection against the effects of heat.

Cut the Ends of the Hair Regularly: Since the color transitions in ombre and balayage hair are usually at the ends, cutting the ends of the hair regularly helps the hair to look healthy and the color transitions smooth.

Sun Protection: Harmful UV rays of the sun can fade hair color. You can protect your hair from the effects of the sun by using sunscreen sprays or hats.

Using Soft Water: If possible, wash your hair with soft water. Lime water can fade hair color and dry out strands.

Professional Care: We recommend that you have your hair care done by a professional hairdresser at regular intervals. With professional care, hair is nourished more deeply and remains healthy. In this regard, you can make an appointment with our hair care experts at Emre Ayaksiz Hair Palace.

Regular care is very important to protect the color transitions of hair after ombre and balayage and to keep them healthy. By following these suggestions, you can protect the color transitions in your hair and your hair health.

Contact us for any questions you may have about your hair and for further advice. We will be happy to assist you.